Even the best well-run venue in an ideal location suffers from strain on resources during peak hours or on weekends, when customers have to wait longer.  Statistics show that areas that are adjacent to POS spots sell more per square foot. That’s why managers place certain clearance, sale, or “impulse-buy” items by the POS.  The common answer to this challenge of floor-space involves increasing labor costs with additional service people, waiters, or sales agents. Swish instead, is an elegant and effective solution to the above problems. It is a hybrid shop-n-pay software for brick-and-mortar venues featuring an online smartphone (or tablet) POS terminal. Swish increases effective floor space and reduces operational strain during peak times. Consumer can visualize on their smartphone the menu of the restaurant and go through it mirroring the action of a normal paper menu. But there is much more:

  • Real time promos: Swish is able to propose real time promos based on consumer preferences, choices, location and timetable. Imagine the following situation: it is Friday night and 2 people are having a dinner. Swish will analyze their consumer profiles, their current menu choices, and will propose a complementary menu item, marked by restaurant owner as eligible for promo.
  • Temporary social network: Swish provides the possibility to consumers to be contacted and chat with other people inside the venue. At will, there is a possibility of sharing messages, the bill, or even part of it.

The aim of Swish product features is to stretch the time people spend on the Swish platform, to then be able to monetize this timing via the sales of targeted advertisement. This is where the real source of income for Swish and its investors will come from.

We have calculated that as a company, we can monetize at minimum 1% of the processed transactions, which represents a conspicuous sum when applied to the large base of the future adopters. Based on our models with just 1000 Venues using Swish we will have a strong and solid cash flow that, for Swish coin holders, will translate in a sounded return on investment. A good opportunity not to loose!

Model assumption
  • 1000 Venues
  • 100 customers/venue using Swish each day
  • Total 100,000 transactions/day
  • $20 average transactions value
  • Total Revenue/day 1% of $20 × 100K = $20K $/day
  • 25% Profitability or $5K/day or $1.65M/year
Value at 1000 Active Venues

company evaluation

Coin value up ×5

vs. original coin offer

Below we provided the graphic of the expected Swish Coin value appreciation linked to the diffusion of Swish use.

Initial Swish Coin value
Initial Swish Coin value fixed at 1 Swish coin = 0.13 BTC (100 USD)

The curve is not linear because is the results of 2 effects:

  • Pure cash-flow driven by the operations.
  • Network effects linked to the diffusion of Swish amongst consumers.

Imagine the example of the telephone. The more users are connected, the more people you can reach. The only possibility of reaching new people, gives the network additional value which goes beyond the pure cash flow. Swish, on top of managing the ordering and payments of the consumers, creates an infrastructure for current and future exchange of messages and this embeds additional value in Swish coins.