Terms of Swish Coin Sale

SWISH is a mobile-based ordering solution for businesses that provides different forms of payments for goods and services such as cash, credit cards and bitcoin. The main goal of the project is to offer brick-and-mortar merchants an effective solution for increasing customer satisfaction and revenue without having to reorganize or make additional capital investment.

Swish Coin is a digital token of value. Such tokens constitute a digital asset, bearing value by themselves based on their underlying assets, properties and/or rights. Swish Coins represent ownership of the SWISH licensed company that is managing SWISH product. Value of Swish Coin is directly linked to Swish licensed company capitalization. The coin is not a security, is not listed, authorized, issued or traded on any regulated market. All rights derived from Swish Coin are subject to the terms of this Agreement.

Swish Coin Supply is limited by 100,000 ( one hundred thousand) divisible (two decimals) non-reissuable coins. 100% of the SWISH Coins issued represent 100 % of the SWISH licensed company.

SWISH licensed company is a legal entity registered in EU, managing Mycelium SWISH product. The company is granted all rights to services provided to the first 1000 active (30+ orders per day) venues subscribed to Mycelium SWISH. License includes intellectual property rights, branding and trademarks.


Initial Swish Coin Price is fixed and equal to 0.13 BTC (approximately 100 USD ). Discount for the participants who signed up before the start of the crowdsale may apply.

Sale period

12/15/2016 9:00pm PST — 01/15/2017 9:00pm PST


Up to 51% (51,000) of total Swish Coin supply will be sold during the crowdsale.

Participant eligibility

A participant should be (a) at least 21 years old or otherwise reached a legal age to form a binding contract with us and (b) cannot be a person barred from entering into a legal contract under the laws of an applicable jurisdiction, including the country in which you reside or from where you make a Swish Coin purchase. Participant shall verify through appropriate means and counsel in Investor’s jurisdiction if the purchase, holding and receiving the benefits of the Swish Coin is legally permitted as well as to check the regulations regarding the use of bitcoins in Investor’s jurisdiction.

Investors’ rights

SWISH Coins grants the investors property right for the licensed company, managing Mycelium SWISH product. The company is granted all rights to services provided to the first 1000 active venues subscribed to Mycelium SWISH. Active venue is a venue which places at least 30 orders per day via Swish. Investors can buy SWISH Coins with Bitcoin only. If you want to buy SWISH Coins using your credit card you will be forwarded to the third-party bitcoin exchange, that will automatically convert your credit card payment into Bitcoin and forward those Bitcoin to us. All sales are final and not refundable. The Bitcoin transactions are not reversible and non-refundable. Therefore, it is your duty to ensure all payment information and your personal information, that allows us to identify you as our investor is accurate. After the Swish Coin Sale is over, investors will receive their digital assets through the distributed ledger and will be given detailed instructions prior to distribution by email. After Swish acquires the first 1000 active venues, in case of a second round investment/IPO, the coin owners will be offered an opportunity to sell back their coins to Swish at the price of second round investment/IPO.

Participant account registration

By proceeding with the payment and completing our Sign-up process, you accept these ToS. To complete the Sign-up you must provide us with the following information: Login; Password; Email address. Upon SWISH Coins distribution you must provide us with your appropriate distributed ledger address in order to receive your digital asset. You agree that all the information you provide to us during the sign-up process will be true, accurate, complete and up to date. Failure to provide accurate and complete data may result in an inability to exercise your ownership right granted by SWISH Coins. By creating a Swish Crowdsale Account, you consent to the use of your personal information for the purpose of this Swish Coin Sale.

Prohibited conduct

Buyers are prohibited from any illegal conduct during this Swish Coin Sale including but not limited to: providing inaccurate personal and payment information, credit card fraud, money laundering or using assets received through illegal conduct to buy SWISH Coins.

By buying Swish Coin you certify that you have read and agree with these Terms of Swish Coin Sale.

Bonus Schedule

Discounts are allocated based on the time you make a purchase for Swish Coins. If you have participated in the early bird registration, you will be eligible for 45% discount throughout the crowdfunding campaign period regardless of when you make your purchase for Swish Coins.

Period Discount
2016/12/15 9 PM to 2016/12/22 9 PM PST 45% discount (You pay 55% of the original price)
2016/12/22 9:01 PM to 2016/12/29 9 PM PST 30% discount (You pay 70% of the original price)
2016/12/29 9:01 PM to 2017/01/05 9 PM PST 15% discount (You pay 85% of the original price)